Mermaid Slot Machine

Mermaid Queen slot machine game, it’s a five reel, twenty lines of real series of video slots type of machine games. It means that there are 5 reels that spins from, forming the winning configuration combination. In each coin you’ll place, you’ll enable other pay lines. When a reel stops, computer is monitoring the symbols combination along in very pay lines.

This Mermaid’s queen slot machine game has been a very exciting real series of video slots machine from the real time games; you’ll be able to play it with no charge or with real denomination of USD, GBP or Euro from 0.01 until 5 in every pay lines being bet.

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Know the game

This mermaid queen have a video slots machine games, it has the skill stopping features, wild symbols, random jackpots, free spins bonus rounds, as well as the scatters symbol.

Its maximum pay out other than that of Random progressives’ jackpot at a regular mermaid slots machine game multi line will be of seven thousand five hundred coins.

Every symbols is paying from left and right, the reel one to five, in such a consecutive orders excluding clam scatters type of symbol, it pays any.
Mermaid slot machine, its made of numbers of the basic treasures in order to win and you’ll win with few symbols to match all of 15 line configuration. These symbols that were numbers or letters, they’re adorned by treasures or jewels to paying out from two up to one hundred twenty five coins, if you’ll get up to 3 or at least more winning combination lines.

A very profitable levels in winning is during the time of oyster pearls, chest jewels as well as on bejeweled sea horses, it pays out up to fifteen till five hundred coins when you get the 3 or at least more winning lines. They also have the old king Neptune’s game, acting as wild cards and it takes place the entire symbol to have that winning lines. Wild king Neptune’s is paying out an extra coin from five up to seven thousand five hundred when its two, or maybe more when Neptune lands to the winning lines. Every winning will be accompanied by jingle jangles of every jewel, alluring everyone in winning more as well as give a very profitable type of feeling.

This wild king Neptune’s game will not be an only feature at the Mermaid million slot machines. These astonishing Mermaid Queen slot machine game and her laughter is acting as the scatters symbol. It pays out from 2 mermaid on screen, then the sensual symbols that scatters is a substitute to any symbols in helping make winning lines. When there are 3 to 6 mermaids at the winning lines, then games will be giving out 10 free spin. All wins in the 10 free spin will be tripled, you’ll got chances of winnings to several free spin in a free spin.

Another of the great treasures will be bonus treasures, its accomplished when there are 3 to 5 or lots of treasure chest lands in winning lines. This player will be led at screens having underwater scenes wherein the player is asked for selection of 3 or 5 objects. This object, they have different type of oysters and chest revealing the numbers; the numbers being totaled in order to share that winning bonus of treasure and its being calculated by coin values that are played.

From a seductive smooth mermaid having her pacifying laughter, then to bejeweled sea horse as well as the overflowing chests of treasure, the Mermaid Queen slot machine game is providing lots of chances as well as entertainments in order for you to win. It’s very fast paced action videos of mermaid slot machine game, which has lots of chances to win with its configurations that players will never bore themselves; it’s terrific too with its very high pay off having an excellent chance in winning something.